Chapli kebab are a special winter gift

Chapli kebab are a special winter gift. Winter has begun in our beloved homeland and the break of cold is considered to be hot kebabs. Kebabs are made under different names according to their culture and traditions in every part of the world. He has created the most expensive and unique kebab in the world with great skill Pinoy Tambayan.

He has dubbed this popular contemporary kebab “Royal Kebab”. The price of a plate of kebabs made from the best, most nutritious and expensive ingredients is set at 925 British pounds, which is certainly shocking, but says “no hobby.” “It is said about Iranian Chloe Kebab that whoever did not go to Iran and eat Chloe Kebab did not eat anything.

Chapli kebab are a special winter gift

This is the fame of Tana Kebab of Bangladesh. Before the arrival of Muslim conquerors, vegetarianism was practiced in the subcontinent. Meat-eating began after the arrival of Muslim conquerors. Mughal cooks prepared a variety of dishes for kings.

Chapli kebab are a special winter gift

On special occasions, the royal chef prepares the royal dish by adding highly nutritious ingredients, nuts, dried fruits, saffron, pistachios, and spicy spices. Do 100 grams of buffalo meat contains 217 calories and 26.1% protein. Buffalo meat contains 11.8 percent fat per gram.

Most types of kebabs are also prepared in the beloved homeland. In winter, it is not the answer to the chapli kebabs of Namak Mandi, Hayatabad, Qissa Khawani, Chog Yadgar, Shaba Bazar, Nothia Road, and Firdous Cinema Road in the capital Peshawar.

The promotional scent of which attracts passers-by. In winter, the khabas of Peshawar are incomplete without chapli kebabs. , Shahbaz Garhi and Kalu Khan’s Chapli Kebab are exemplary in their taste.
It is not possible for anyone to go to these places and come back without eating kebabs.

Slippery kebabs are eaten all year round, but with the onset of cold weather, the demand for them increases many times over. Abstain In the winter season, they also do a little bad haze. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, where the hospitality of the Pashtuns is known as Zarb-e-Mishal, they treat their guests with chapli kebabs.

Chapli kebabs should not be in the guest’s food, this can only happen in places where slippery kebabs are not available. Wealthy families, weddings, and various occasions include chapli kebabs as a traditional dish. Today, top public and private banquets are considered incomplete without chapli kebabs.

Chapli Kebab is not only limited to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but is now popular all over the country.
In its preparation, the meat of buffalo neck, thigh, and hand meat is used. The thinner the meat and onion, the better the kebab will be. On the one hand, qeema is used less, and on the other hand, adding it does not shrink or break the kebab.

In addition, pomegranate seeds, dried coriander, crushed hot spices, half crushed red pepper, and tomatoes are added. Kebabs made on special order include nuts, ginger, garlic, green onions, green coriander, spices, goat’s nuts, and eggs, after which it is added to cow or buffalo fat which is added in Pashto. It is said to be fried in it.

Kebab makers consider the fat to be an integral part of chapli kebabs. They say that the frying in the fat makes the kebabs more palatable or spicy.

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