Social leaders

The washroom was very dirty. The floor was wet. There were stains in the washbasin. The toilet paper was missing. I put my hand on it, she didn’t miss it either, I tried my luck on the third one, she started walking, the dryer was not working and the box of tissue paper was also empty, the boy cleaning the bathroom came running and gave me some tissue paper. Caught up

Social leaders

I thanked him and asked, “Do you drink coffee?” He looked at me in surprise and then nodded. I asked, “And tea.” He nodded. And looking at me in amazement, I asked, “Will you have a cup of tea with me?” He looked at me, then at me, and said, “No, no, thank you very much.” He laughed and said, “You will have to have tea with me.” He said in a daze.

How can I do this? ”I laughed and replied,“ If I ask your permission from the duty manager, will you have tea with me? ”He said uncertainly,“ Yes, I will take it. Kar went to the duty manager’s room at the airport. He met me warmly. I explained my case to him. He looked at me and the sweeper boy for a while and then said, “He didn’t do anything wrong.” I laughed and replied, “Do you make people drink tea after a mess?” He laughed and let the boy go for half an hour.

I went to the coffee shop with him. I ordered tea for him and coffee for myself and we sat down at the table. It was clear, “I chatted for a while and made it easy and then said to him,” It’s your responsibility to keep the bathrooms clean.

Why don’t you do your duty properly? How much trouble the passengers were having in front of you. “He looked at me in fear and asked,” Do you want to complain to me? “I laughed and replied,” If I had to complain, I would give you tea.

Why are you drinking? ”He sighed with satisfaction and then said,“ Promise me you won’t tell my duties to the duty manager. My job will be gone. ”I promised. He smiled and said,“ Sir, washroom. We are two people for cleaning. We work ten hours continuously.

All our washing materials run out every day but still, the washrooms are not clean. What should we do? I asked, “Are there fewer people to clean?” There is a servant when we are two. ”I asked,“ Then what is the issue? ”He said,“ You guys. ”I kept looking at him. He said,“ Sir, this is the airport. Well-educated people come, but 99% of people don’t know how to use a washroom. They don’t flush, and if they do, they push the button so hard that it gets damaged.

They sit on the commode which breaks the cover, wet the floor, cleans the nose and throat in the washbasin, traps the dirt in the net, uses the dryer for a long time, cleans the hands. They waste ten tissues and perform ablutions in the toilet and washbasin instead of the ablution room, so after one flight the washrooms are no longer usable.

When we are cleaning now, another flight arrives and the Passengers start saying bad things to us as well as stink, so tell me yourself, when two hundred people in an hour make the washrooms dirty, will we be able to clean them?

Believe it or not, people come in with pockets of dirt in their pockets and get stuck in the commode. They throw the whole roll of tissue paper in the commode and women put the children’s pampers in the commode. Can I? ”I listened to his story in amazement. He became silent.

I asked him,“ What is the solution? ”He laughed and said,“ You guys. “By then the situation will not be right. Even if you have two thousand servants to clean the washrooms.” I smiled and thanked him. I patted him and came out of the airport.

It was a new angle of life for me. Only one percent of people in Pakistan are able to travel by air and these people are well-educated and well-educated, but you can see their savvy sense and life training. These people also use the washroom. You can see the condition of the washrooms of the planes.

This is also not commendable in any way so think for yourself what people who do not clean their filth inside the plane and at the airport will do in cities, neighborhoods, and homes and in another country when the situation of one percent happy people If so, what will be the standard for the remaining 99%? Now the question is, who is responsible for fixing these people? Is it the duty of the government? Will the President or the Prime Minister come and train them? No, it is the collective duty of society, unless we train each other.

The problems of the country will not be solved till we all start carrying our own burden. Therefore, I request the government to please do two things. Children should be taught in schools what washrooms are, how they are used and everyone should clean them after use, wash their hands and dry their hands.

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