The sudden return of the New Zealand cricket team

The sudden return of the New Zealand cricket team. At a wedding ceremony, a loved one of the groom received a call from the girl’s opponents, who are usually everywhere, that if the wedding was held, no one, including the groom, would be able to escape. Fahm knows that the purpose of such opponents is only to get relief by humiliating their opponent by putting cannabis in the ring Tambyan tv.

They are neither able to come forward nor do anything. Therefore, if the animosity is high, then the boys should be made aware of the possible threats that the brother has to run away from such threats, so it is better that you stay at home so that the honor of both is safe.

The sudden return of the New Zealand cricket team

While establishing a relationship, one should know the nobility, honesty, wealth as well as courage, and perseverance of the boys, otherwise, this cowardice takes both the houses at the right time.  The New Zealand cricket team did the same with us and made a comeback shortly before the match.

The security of a normal cricket team head of state, blockade of the entire city, suspension of business activities, humiliation of the entire city due to traffic, violation of basic rights of the people, and what we have endured for a long time in the name of cricket revival. They are coming, but they still do not raise their voices in protest that there should be a healthy activity in the country, no matter how much we have to suffer.

The sudden return of the New Zealand cricket team

The New Zealand cricket team left the stadium full of spectators before the start of the match. It was not accepted. Obviously, this is not just a threat, but also international political motives behind it, which all those responsible have to be boldly exposed without any expediency on the front line Should come.

Surprisingly, the team left its ambassador and diplomatic staff at the unsafe location. The scheduled visit was canceled due to a security threat from the Five Eyes agency comprising New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. How strange that this state-of-the-art agency of five reputable countries of the world, which smells its smell even before the dangers occur, was asleep when a fanatical New Zealander announced on social media in broad daylight. Dozens of unarmed Muslims were shot dead.

Despite such a horrific and inhumane act, no country, including Pakistan, has refused to go there and participate in sports activities. The Muslim community there, the affected family, and the Muslims around the world, despite such a serious irreparable loss, were satisfied with the mere process of coming there and forgot everything, even though as head of state it There was a job responsibility.

What a modern joke that until a few days ago, people stranded in Afghanistan from all over Europe and the United States lined up outside the Pakistani embassy to get visas to come to Pakistan, a safe haven to save their lives, and now citizens of all countries, including the United States. As soon as the well-wishers reached their homes, this country suddenly became insecure. Whoever wants to make your beauty charismatic.

On the other hand, now that the scheduled tour of an international team has been suspended, we need to take the whole nation into confidence on some issues and tell them what is the main issue of our national survival with the revival of cricket.

Those in power should come down from the high peaks of the upper house and listen to the problems of the people in these areas, business centers, and the long-suffering of traffic, who can neither do their business during these matches nor can businessmen open their offices. Yes, ambulances cannot take patients through these routes, nor can they avoid the pain that the entire city suffers in the event of hours of traffic jams.

Threatening pamphlets start coming in from the surrounding police stations saying that if you open your shop or office during matches, strict legal action will be taken and thus taxpayers are confined to their homes these days. Matches are held all over the world, but no such security is provided and normal public activities are not suspended.

Although our security concerns are unprecedented in the world, why is it so important to hold them at all costs? The focus should be on ensuring that the lives of the people are not tormented, the routines of life continue and the people are not subjected to mental anguish and suffering.

Needless to say, they withdrew their players at the mere notification of a potential threat and no one ever realized the torment we inflict on millions of our citizens during these matches. The national games and the players associated with them have been neglected a lot because of cricket.

At this time, more than the revival of cricket, we need to restore the playing fields that have become so extinct in our populations. Swarming in the empty spaces.

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