Uniform curriculum On the other hand

The government has introduced a uniform curriculum across the country. The same textbooks will now be taught in all public and private educational institutions in Pinoy Tambayan. English medium and Urdu medium schools will have uniform textbooks, which are approved by the government.

On the one hand, this move of the government is being showered with heaps of Dadu Tahsin while on the other hand, it is being severely criticized. There is also a group of critics who are not criticizing the uniform curriculum but the curriculum presented by the government.

Uniform curriculum On the other hand

They are criticizing it. The biggest argument in favor of a uniform curriculum is that the government Aitchison College, Beacon House, Grammar School And even if it can’t provide the same facilities and environment to the children studying in other expensive private institutions and TATs, known as yellow public schools, can it still provide at least the same books? Even if the standard of education is not the same The current can be the same.

Uniform curriculum On the other hand

Critics of the government’s move to have a uniform curriculum say the system is best for religious schools, so students in religious schools will be able to acquire the same knowledge that public and private school children are getting. Critics say It is very unfortunate and reprehensible that English medium schools are being forced to decline in the name of the curriculum.

Hearing such strong arguments from both sides, I am reminded of the case of a distinguished man of the village who was known not to offend anyone. He was presenting his position in their service in such a way that the verdict came in his favor. When the first party presented his position, the judge told him that you are absolutely right.

After this, the second party presented his statement. The arbitrator also told him that he was right. Seeing this situation, a middle-aged man asked the judge of the panchayat, “Your Excellency, how is it possible for the two warring parties to state contradictory facts?” Have I been and both of them are fine? On this Marjan, Marjan Munsif said that you are also fine.

These are two very contradictory views on the same curriculum. They cannot be both correct at the same time. This is a fact in its own right.

The basic question in this case is, is diversity a bad thing? Is the distinction between English, Arabic, and Urdu the local language medium wrong? What is the negative impact on the minds and personalities of newborns? If the answer to the question is yes, then first of all private educational institutions and religious schools should be taken into government custody, as uniform environment is more important than uniform curriculum and medium.

The difference between Aitchison College and our MC School is not just the curriculum. The children of Beacon House and Khairul Madaris are getting an education in a completely different environment from each other. The method I have already described.

Uniform education is not a new philosophy or ideology, it has been experienced in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and all the communist countries, which at one time had reached the level of a single curriculum, all had the same curriculum.

In the United Kingdom, however, Oxford’s separate curriculum and Cambridge’s own curriculum are in vogue. Religious madrassas have their own religious curriculum there as well. Apart from Muslims, Jewish madrassas are also established. There is talk of creating a medium of instruction. Many schools in the United States offer full education in Spanish, all subjects are taught in Spanish, and countless curricula are in place throughout the country.

There are areas in Canada where students study in French, there are students who may not even know a single sentence of English and even if they do, they don’t like to speak it. There is no danger and the American economy and society are not going to be destroyed.

More important than the curriculum and the medium of instruction is the quality of education.
The environment of educational institutions is more important. How to increase the rate of education in the country? There is a need to pay attention to this.

When Pakistan came into existence, the literacy rate was 12 percent. If the current government is concerned about the education and training of the nation’s youth, it should raise the literacy rate to 60 percent. The United Nations and other international organizations that monitor literacy rates say that in these three years, The rate has gone down instead of up.

Millions of school-age children are out of school, the government needs to take care of them.
In my view, Todini madrassas, English medium, and government schools are all contributing to the building of the country in their own right.

I see dictatorial thinking behind the implementation of a uniform curriculum and system. I see the spirit of the rulers to assert their power more than the welfare of the students. That the decline is catastrophic and should take steps to enroll millions of children who do not go to school but are still of school age.

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