Blindfolded Students of Government Educational Institutions

Blindfolded Students of Government Educational Institutions. The class division in Pakistan has increased to such an extent that we are completely isolated from the lower and middle class, we do not understand their problems and do not think of a solution. Sometimes the media also reflects this thinking. This bitter reality is always lit up, but sometimes we overlook this fact so much that we do not see a single section of our society Pinoy Tambayan.

Blindfolded Students of Government Educational Institutions

It is sad to say that this class gap in the field of education has widened to such an extent that even if the issues related to education are discussed, only the problems of a certain class are taken into consideration.

Equality is a fundamental principle in education systems around the world. Therefore, when all children in the same class are given equal opportunities, those who sit in that class, whether they are the children of a minister or a laborer, can go ahead only on the basis of their merits.

Blindfolded Students of Government Educational Institutions

If the child of a laborer becomes more capable, he can not only advance in the field of education but also make more progress in professional life, but for this, it is necessary to provide equal opportunities in that field of education. Despite having equal opportunities in school, the child of a laborer does not have 100% equal opportunities as the child of a minister because the child of a minister will have more experience, he will have more resources.

There will also be relatively few responsibilities to help with household chores. Yet when the principle of equality in the education system gives him equal opportunities in school, he makes little difference. On the contrary, the problem with us is that the children of ministers and senior officials are left here, and the child of a clerk working in a good institution cannot go to the same school as the child of a laborer. The elite and upper-middle-class of our society prefer to send their children to private schools instead of public schools.

That is why children studying in private and public institutions do not have equal opportunities. Moreover, the condition of public institutions has deteriorated. That is why a person, no matter how small his income, has the desire and effort to send his child to a private school. For example, in case of illness, despite the lack of resources, people seek treatment from private hospitals. That is why the children who go to our government schools are not given any importance and the problems they face are not even discussed.

There has been a movement against private schools in the last few years, in which the fees and other issues of these schools have been discussed and the inadequate facilities provided by private schools have been termed as a major problem.

I am not saying this movement and its coverage is good or bad but such attention has never been paid to the government schools of Pakistan and the problems there. If so much effort had been put into improving the education system in public schools, no one would have turned to private schools, but we have become so detached from the public education system that such a system never existed.

Even in the days of the Corona epidemic, when we talked about online education, its flaws, and problems, the system existed in private educational institutions, but in contrast, there is no such arrangement for the millions of children in public schools. The tele-school was run on state television, but it also proved to be a limited alternative.

Thus, when it came to exams, one of the important things was that those who had the resources continued to benefit from the online system of tuitions or better schools, but public schools and middle-class students did not get such opportunities.

Due to this they also faced the problem of lack of internet or inability to get packages etc. I realized this problem of government school children myself then a few students of a government school in Gujranwala on Facebook. Sent me the message that they are far behind because of this problem, they have been greatly abused in the days of the Corona epidemic.

Our religion also teaches us to choose for our brother what we do for ourselves. In the same way, except for a few big cities, we have to think for most of the public school students we have overlooked, not to be left behind, and in the days of the plague that befell them, An action plan should also be made to make up for that loss so that they do not lag further behind in the field of education. If this does not happen often, then we should also think about government school children so that their problems can be eased and their education is not affected.

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